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On Women’s Day I see a lot of posts honouring the women scientists, activists, military and the many women who simply, or not so simply as the case may be, stood up for justice. These women deserve all the honour and respect they get and absolutely tons more, however I don’t really see artists among the occupation we tend to gravitate towards during Women’s Day; this is just my personal observation. I think this is because creativity, art and ‘artsy’ stuff is so open to females now that it’s almost considered feminine, though most successful artists making a living off their art that I’ve known have been male. Maybe it’s a case of creative traits are feminine and not necessarily the creative practice, take the culinary arts for example. But the arts being female friendly hasn’t always been the case. Many talented female artists left art after marriage, some on their own volition, many others because of their family’s or husband’s disapproval and/or jealousy. Most female artists couldn’t do big religious scenes (the kind that made the big money) because it needed studying from nudes and corpses which they were not permitted do. This forced women artists, if determined to live off their art, into portrait work and still-life. This eased up with time and by the late 1800s art academies and colleges allowed women to join and study the nude or nearly nude figure. So here’s to all the women who came before me.



Claricia (13th Century)

Sofonisba Anguissola (1530 –1625)

Artemisia Gentileschi (1593 –1653)

Marie Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun (1755 –1842)

Ellen Day Hale (1855 -1940)

Marianne von Werefkin (1860 –1938)

Zinaida Serebriakova (1884 – 1967)

Frida Kahlo (1907 – 1954)

Amrita Sher-Gil (1913 – 1941)

Teresa Sanchez Gavito Y Perdomo (1918 - 2000)


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